About Us

Our Rain City team is comprised of optical professionals with many years of successful experience as opticians, designers, retailers, and distributors. Our common bond is a shared passion for fashion eyewear. As friends sharing thoughts on the industry, comments of the “wouldn’t it be cool if” variety evolved into something more.

We realized that we all yearned for a different look, a certain aesthetic. Classic shapes. Unique colors. Urban… with a northwest point of view. An eyewear line that reflects the feel and sensibilities of our hometown Seattle. As it turned out, the stars aligned: a new eyewear line was born.

Rain City Eyewear is debuting in the spring of 2014. With an often-classic feel in shape, but with our own NW sense of color and aesthetics, we are creating an eyewear line that is unique, substantial, urban and affordable. We think buying eyewear should be fun. We want our customers to have a singular look that just “fits.” We want to give them an option that isn’t about big corporate brands, but something personal. And real.

Take a look. Check-in from time to time. We think you’ll like what you see!